‪@DJTira ‬tells kid education first and twitter did not get the point

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Malume Tira posted a video of a school boy who he found out side his studio and left twitter with mixed emotions because of how he handled the boy’s situation.To my understanding he gave the kid a chance to prove him self that he can manage his school work and music.The boy was given a life time chance to come back when schools close for December with his school report and he will be able to work with Malume if his results are good.

Many didn’t hear that part of the boy being told to come back or they just choose to ignore it.Some referenced Cassper Nyovest as a drop out that made it in the industry without going to school.The question is should we just let kids do what they want ?

We have so many artists who couldn’t survive the industry for more than two years after they blow up.The idea of Tira allowing the boy to prove him self and come back will show how serious he is with music.It is easy to say the boy should be allowed to start working in this industry of dog eat dog but if your in the industry you will understand it comes with pain and tears not just what media and social media allow us to see.

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